Hani, Daniel and Yoo In Na Were All Bullied During Their School Years

Idols are loved by people around the world now, but some of them actually faced harsh bullying when they were younger.

Wanna One Daniel, one of the hottest idols today, revealed that he once was bullied for his looks.

His bully even made him become self-conscious of his appearance.

“I was bullied for being ugly.

So to protect my self-esteem, I always told myself that I am good at dancing and singing”.

— Daniel

He also shared what he thinks is important about protecting one’s self-esteem.

“I realized that in the end, I am the only one who can improve my self-esteem.

I may not be better looking than those who bullied me, but now I am a better dancer.

You should always believe in yourself!”

— Daniel 

EXID Hani also revealed that she was bullied during her school days.

“Bullies used to try and stop me from walking into the class.

They wrote things like ‘I can see that you put chalk in your nose’ and ‘plastic surgery monster’ on my desk.”

— Hani

I.O.I’s Somi once told Yoojung about how she was bullied in school.

“I was once bullied.

But I was able to overcome it.

I couldn’t stand being bullied so I went up to the bullies and asked them what’s wrong, and we talked it over.”

— Somi

So Yoojung, in turn, revealed that she was also bullied.

“I was also bullied briefly in 6th grade.

But bullies later called me over and asked me to be friends.”

— Yoojung

Actress Yoo In Na may be loved for her adorable personality now, but even she was bullied in high school.

Yoo In Na explained that she was bullied because her teacher favorited her and that made the bullies jealous.

“My high school teacher was very fond of me and that made other students jealous.

I was a trainee so the teacher allowed me to have long hair when other students could not.

I was very thankful for her considerations, but the bullies would put switch my chair for a broken one or put food on my desk.”

— Yoo In Na

Fans and netizens were heart-broken over the news about what these idols had to suffer through.

But they’re also grateful that now, top stars like Kang Daniel can use their post misfortunes to give helpful advice to those who are being bullied today.

Source: Dispatch