Hani gets trolled by Korean-speaking foreigners

Hani gets tasked with serving 2 foreigners, but what she doesn’t know is that they can also speak Korean.

One of MBC Secretly Greatly‘s recent skits involved pranking EXID‘s Hani as the group spent an evening as waiters in a local pub. A pair of foreigners entered and Hyerin told Hani to serve them since she speaks English better.

While Hani is good at English, she still struggled while trying to form her sentences in English on the fly, leading to some funny hand movements and mimicking of actions.

Praying that the two foreigners would make their decision quickly, Hani looked at one of them with a hopeful gaze, only to hear the two speak perfectly fluent Korean.

Hani cutely, but with a hint of anger in her voice, exclaimed that they spoke Korean well and then proceeds to complain to her fellow EXID members Junghwa and LE.

Watch the full clip of Hani being tricked below.