Hani, Hyolyn, Jieun, and Yuji Were Supposed To Debut Together

BESTie’s Yuji, SECRET’s Jieun, EXID’s Hani, and SISTAR’s Hyolyn almost debuted together as one team.

BESTie Yuji’s identity on King of Masked Singer was recently revealed after she was eliminated from the competition.

During her elimination interview, SECRET’s Hyosung revealed that she knew of Yuji’s legendary vocals through Jieun.

SECRET’s Jieun and BESTie’s Yuji were once trainees together, along with EXID’s Hani and SISTAR’s Hyolyn.

The host Kim Seong Joo then revealed that Yuji, Jieun, Hani, and Hyolyn had all prepared to debut under the same group.

Yuji then expressed that while she was sad her friends had debuted before her, they motivated her to work harder.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t sad. But I was happy they achieved their dreams. Whenever I practiced or was stressed, they were my positive source of motivation.”
— BESTie’s Yuji

Source: Star News