Hani’s Shocking New Hair Color Is Proof Of EXID’s Approaching Comeback

How are fans reacting to Hani’s new hair?

EXID‘s Hani debuted her brand new red hair color!


The incandescent dye job takes Hani’s fiery beauty to a new level.


The color perfectly matched her bright, sexy charisma.


With her red-hot new look, Hani will draw attention like never before.


Her hair color definitely stuck out on stage.


She looked like The Little Mermaid!


How can you not think so when she smiles at you like this with her fiery, red hair?


Just another pure goddess moment for Hani!


The timing couldn’t be more perfect.


Excited fans hope Hani’s new color is for EXID’s highly anticipated “Re:Flower” comeback.


And fans are loving it!


Did they drop their new album, yet?! We want more! 😍


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