Here Is What Happened When Ahn Bo Hyun Went Camping With EXO’s Sehun

Bonding. A lot of bonding happened.

When actor Ahn Bo Hyun went on the variety show I Live Alone, his fans got to see the close friendship he shares with EXO‘s Sehun.

Ahn Bo Hyun explained that he and Sehun had first gotten close after shooting a movie together. Since then, according to him, Sehun has been his drinking buddy, and the two of them spend quite a bit of time together. When Sehun first shows up in Ahn Bo Hyun’s episode of I Live Alone, the hosts couldn’t help being excited about the unexpected guest—or admire the visuals of the two artists together.

| KOCOWA TV/Youtube

Then the easy banter between Sehun and Ahn Bo Hyun charmed them all, proving that the two are in fact very comfortable with each other, with Ahn Bo Hyun joking that he felt like he was proposing to Sehun.


Later on, however, things got a bit more sentimental, particularly when the two friends started to get real about the stress and exhaustion that come from their careers. Ahn Bo Hyun shared his feelings on the end of shooting for Itaewon Class, and Sehun provided solid moral support. It was heartwarming to see them sympathize with each other and share an emotional connection…


…as well as some more banter thrown in between, of course.

The evening seemed to end on a comfortable bonding moment, with the two of them laying side by side in the camping car and relaxing. Sehun confessed to feeling like their camping day had lifted a weight off his shoulders, which made the day a successful getaway for both him and Ahn Bo Hyun.

It’s always nice to see idols and actors share positivity and encouragement, whether it’s to each other, to their fans, or to themselves. Hopefully we will see more of Ahn Bo Hyun and Sehun’s genuine friendship in the future! Meanwhile, you can check out a clip of them together on I Live Alone below.