Here’s What Happened To Big Hit Entertainment’s Girl Group Glam

Their rise and fall happened faster than you could blink.

Glam (sometimes written as GLAM) was Big Hit Entertainment‘s 5-member hip-hop-inspired girl group that debuted in July 2012 with the single “Party(XXO)”.

Glam in 2014 | Source: wasabcon/Wikipedia

During their pre-debut activities, future Glam member Dahee was the voice of vocaloid See U. In fact, labelmates (and now worldwide superstars) Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, and Suga once acted as backup dancers for See U!

Shortly after their debut, one of their members, Trinity, left the group for “personal reasons”, although it was widely believed that she was asked to leave the group because she was rumored to have been a sasaeng fan of Super Junior member Leeteuk. The rumors were never confirmed and it is still unknown as to why she left the girl group at the peak of their careers.

Glam member Trinity

In 2014, actor Lee Byung Hun went to the police with the accusation that he was being blackmailed and extorted by two women—one of them being Glam‘s Dahee.

Glam member Dahee

After Dahee was found guilty and sentenced to jail time, Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music decided to formally disband the group, stating that their contracts had come to an end.

Glam with four members

Many believe that Glam (and the controversies that plagued them) is the reason Big Hit Entertainment has refrained from welcoming girl trainees to their agency, as well as the explanation for why they don’t have any girl groups in their current roster. It seems, though, that is set to change with the summer 2019 announcement that they are planning on debuting a new girl group through a subsidiary label.

Glam with original 5-member line up

As for Dahee, well, despite the controversy, the former Glam member is currently doing surprisingly well for herself. She actively works as a model and AfreecaTV VJ, earning a monthly salary of close to $200,000 USD.

Dahee VJ-ing on AfreecaTV

Do you remember Glam’s rise and fall? How did you feel at the time? Are you hoping that Big Hit Entertainment’s new girl group will pave the way for the agency to debut more girl groups in the future?

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