What Happened To Kim Hyeon Ji, The Rookie Actress Who Played EXO Sehun’s Girlfriend?

She has a new identity.

Eight years ago, a mysterious and captivating actress in a BoA music video caught everyone’s attention as they wondered who the rookie actress was.

BoA’s “Who Are You” music video | SM Entertainment

The actress in question was Kim Hyeon Ji, who played a girl going on a blind date in BoA’s music video for “Who Are You (Feat. Gaeko).” She accidentally goes to the wrong location and then rushes to the cafe where EXO‘s Sehun awaits her.

She gained attention for her eye-catching visuals and people were buzzing about the rookie actress.

| WIDMAY Entertainment

Following her appearance in the music video, her agency WIDMAY Entertainment shared unpublished pictures of her, which piqued netizens’ interests even more.

| WIDMAY Entertainment

Around that time, she also appeared in the music videos for BIGBANG Daesung‘s “Shut Up,” Sugarbowl‘s “Half Joke Half Truth,” and many others.

Daesung’s music video for “Shut Up” | BIGBANG/YouTube

A couple of months after BoA’s music video, she also acted in Crush‘s “Oasis” music video for his collaboration with ONE STAR.

That was eight years ago—where is Kim Hyeon Ji now?

She no longer goes by Kim Hyeon Ji—she changed her name to Cha Soo Jin.

| @teasuzin/Instagram

In 2017, she acted in an 8-episode short series by Dingo titled “Our Love Story.”

In 2018, she debuted on the big screen with a minor role in the movie Little Forest, starring Kim Tae Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol.

Little Forest | Plus M Entertainment

She played the ex-girlfriend of Ryu Jun Yeol’s character, whom he breaks up with saying he is in love with someone else.

Plus M Entertainment

From 2020 to the present, she joined and left two agencies, 25B87 and K Star Global Entertainment.

When not acting, Kim Hyeon Ji appears to spend a lot of time with her cute pomeranian.

| @teasuzin/Instagram

She enjoys spending time with her friends and going to cute cafes with her friends.

| @teasuzin/Instagram

Currently 28 years old, Cha Soo Jin is still talented, beautiful, and thriving; we hope to see her in another production soon!





Source: @teasuzin, Pickon, MK Sports and Instiz

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