What Happened To Vicky Wei And Jane Wang? Former YG Trainees Who Introduced Themselves As BABYMONSTER

Do you remember these two trainees?

As of late, one of the most discussed upcoming debuts is that of YG Entertainment‘s BABYMONSTER. The seven-membered group has attracted attention for numerous reasons, including the talent of its members and the age gap between the youngest and oldest.


Fans waiting for the new YG girl group’s debut will likely remember two trainees, Vicky Wei, and Jane Wang, who originally introduced themselves as BABYMONSTER when they appeared on the Chinese survival show Youth With You.

Jane Wang | Youth With You
Vicky Wei | Youth With You

The two stars were participating in the show under Shining Star Culture, the Chinese division of YG Entertainment. During their evaluation is when they used the now-famous name before their performance.

The pair roasted their company during their interview, mentioning that the song they performed was not provided for them and was a gift given by someone else. They also talked about their costumes negatively compared to the other trainees.

With BABYMONSTER’s line-up now revealed, some fans may wonder where these two trainees are today.

Vicky Wei ultimately ranked sixteenth on the survival show, not making it into the final debuting team. After her elimination, she opened an Instagram account where she shared photos of herself and video content.

Sometime after the show, Vicky also left Shining Star Culture and was revealed to be under Rock Forward Entertainment this year when her upcoming debut was announced. Vicky debuted as a member of Univu5 under her real name Wei Chen on April 10, 2023.

| Rock Forward Entertainment

Jane Wang was eliminated from Youth With You in the show’s ninth episode and seemed to have also left the company.  She was once very active on Instagram but has not updated since December 2022.

She is still active on Weibo and seems to be an influencer, sharing many images of herself on the platform.

It’s not clear on if Jane has plans to return to the entertainment industry, but we wish both these talented stars the best!

Where Are They Now?

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