Here’s What Happens When BTS’s Three Scaredy-Cats Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin Go To Horror Escape Rooms

They certainly don’t escape the normal way.

In the behind-the-scenes episodes of Run BTS!, BTS’s Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin recalled a time they tried their luck at a scary escape room and fans can’t help but laugh at how that experience turned out for them.


Jimin shared that he and Jin are escape room fanatics and try different themed ones all the time…


… except, when they go, they always end up asking for help and never figuring things out on their own.

Escape rooms are so fun, but we suck at it. We don’t even understand how we could be so bad at it. We don’t ever stop calling for help.

— Jimin


Jimin claimed he is usually the one begging the escape room assistants for extra clues and solutions over the phone helpline.

I usually am the one to call. I’m always like, ‘Hi, please tell us how we do this’ or ‘What’s after this? How do I do the next one?’ I don’t stop asking.

— Jimin


When they go to horror-themed escape rooms, their lack of abilities to solve anything becomes even more lacking. Jimin pointed out, “We were supposed to turn on a light, but none of us could because we were frozen in time.”


Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin didn’t think to even try escaping. Instead, according to Jimin, the three of them huddled and stayed hugging it out to battle the fear.


Eventually, they called the outside help – but not for clues. They ended up asking to be let out because the room was simply too scary for them and there was no way they were escaping that on their own!


When Jimin argued that he was the bravest of the three to have gone into the room and that he was the one who performed the best, Jin couldn’t agree – not because he didn’t think so…

… but because he had no idea. He was too busy keeping his eyes shut tight and thinking about survival!


While Jin, J-Hope, and Jimin couldn’t quite handle the horror, they remember their escape room experiment being fun and exciting. These BTS members will always find the good in even the most stressful, scariest moments of their lives!


ICYDK, here’s how easily J-Hope is scared:


… and Jin:


… and Jimin:


So clearly, horror escape rooms aren’t going to be their forte. But fans are nonetheless in love with these scaredy-cats and can’t stop smiling at the stories from their past fear-conquering adventures to escape rooms!

Source: THEQOO