Here’s What Happens When Companies Find Out Trainees Are Dating

It could go at least one of three ways.

After dropping the bombshell that many idols are dating—even if they don’t announce it publicly—a former idol Coco and longtime trainee Gina Maeng revealed what happens when a company discovers a trainee broke the rules to date.

Love Alarm characters Sun Oh and Jo Jo. | Netflix

Responding to viewers’ questions about dating bans, former twelve-year trainee Gina Maeng confirmed it was commonplace. She said, “It’s different for every company, but most of them do have a dating ban or they don’t like it if you have a boyfriend.

Coco revealed it was a common issue among her social circle when she was also a trainee. Many resulted in contract termination. Coco said, “A lot of my friends got cut from companies because they found out that they had boyfriends.

If the trainee was dating another person from the company, it didn’t turn out well for either of them. Coco revealed, “Or, they were dating within the company. They kicked both of them out.

In some cases, damage control wasn’t as harsh. Coco said, “Or, just kicked one person out.” Before she debuted in CocoSori, Coco admitted, “There was a lot of that going on when I was a trainee.

Watch Gina Maeng and Coco share their experiences from the K-Pop industry, including those of idols and trainees they knew.