This Is What Happens When Kim Heechul Meets His Ideal Type During Broadcast

Heechul is known for his cheeky charm and easy flirtatiousness.

But when he met Shin So Yul while filming an episode of Life Bar, he couldn’t talk to her.

She had been telling the cast members about how she approaches guys she is interested in.

“I just ask them straight away, ‘Is it okay if I like you?'”

— Shin So Yool

… And she continued by saying her pick-up line directly to Heechul!

His heart exploded from her question because she was his type and he had to look away in embarrassment.

Heechul was made so bashful by Shin So Yool’s boldness that his face turned completely red!

Fans were amazed by how the player king choked up from just a one-liner.

Source: idol best