Why It’s So Hard To Date A Songwriter, According To A Professional Songwriter

Break-ups are hard!

Sometimes a person’s profession can make it difficult to pursue romantic relationships. This is especially true with creative-type people, and professional songwriters agree with this—to an extent.

YouTube channel AYO sat down songwriters Cosmic Sound (Kim Ki Hyun) and former RaNia member Cosmic Girl (Yoo Joo Yi) for their Comment Defenders series. They discussed everything from why songs are often plagiarized to how much they earn from a single hit track.

Cosmic Sound (Left) and Cosmic Girl (Right)

The comment on relationships that got a rise out of them was, “My ex-boyfriend was a songwriter and he was so difficult. He was sensitive, he mixed songs all night and day and we didn’t even have time to meet. I keep listening to his songs because they’re good but I hate how the royalties go to him.”

Cosmic Sound originally defended songwriters from this statement, explaining that not everyone is the same person: “I don’t think all songwriters are like that. We can mix all night and day but there are songwriters who are very punctual.”

These people make sure they have a schedule to follow so they’re not overworked.

They get up early morning and work and get off work at 7:00 in the evening. Then they go to the gym and never work on weekends. Being sensitive could also be different for every songwriter.

— Cosmic Sound

As soon as Cosmic Sound claimed “We’re not sensitive at all”, his co-presenter Cosmic Girl chimed in that he was not being truthful as he also had bad experiences with his ex-girlfriend. He then revealed that besides dating songwriters whose lives revolve around music, break-ups are also much harder.

My ex posted my song on social media saying she really likes it, and after we broke up, it said, ‘I listened to a song that I didn’t want to.

— Cosmic Sound

The difference between the before and after post of the same song was obvious. Dating a songwriter means resenting a good track just because it was made by one’s ex!

In the end, Cosmic Sound could only conclude the talk of relationships with, “Songwriters are human too.” Check out the full video below!

Source: Gift Habeshaw