Harry Styles And BTS’s V Wore The Same “Leash” Outfit But Served Totally Different Vibes

They proved how versatile the look is!

The One Direction fan-to-K-Pop fan pipeline is very real, so it should come as no surprise that our favorite 1D member and our bias would share similar styles.

BTS‘s V and English singer-songwriter Harry Styles once wore the same outfit but served totally different vibes!

Harry Styles | Esquire

The outfit in question consists of the Raf Simons Robert Mapplethorpe Print Striped Shirt in Green from the 2017 Spring Menswear Collection. It was originally over $800 USD.

Model in the shirt | Vogue

Harry Styles wore an outfit similar to the model above. He wore it perfectly oversized, accessorized with the long black leash. He was styled by Alister Mackie for his 2016 Another Man cover, Issue 23, photoshoot with Ryan McGinley.

Another Man

His perfectly coifed hair and what appears to be light tie-die washed jeans give the outfit an effortless smart-casual look that can be hard to replicate.

Another Man

BTS’s V wore the same shirt, also accessorized by the long black leash in the group’s 2017 Comeback Stage performance of classic “Spring Day” on M COUNTDOWN Episode 512.

BTS’s stylist styled V’s look a bit different from Harry’s, though. He did a layered look with an open shirt, a white T-shirt underneath, and solid dark jeans. He also wore his light-colored hair styled neatly with fringe that gave him a youthful look.

So, besides the shirt’s fit and the black “leash,” it was a totally new vibe from Harry.

V also continually wore this shirt that year. You might have noticed him wear it at fanmeetings…

He also wore it throughout The Wings Tour (also known as the 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour). Again, it was styled very differently. This time, he went without the long black choker and instead wore a black shirt underneath it.

He also often paired it with a black hat, either a baseball cap or his iconic ELLIOTI beret. Depending on this accessory difference alone impacts the vibe. Paired with the beret, it feels rich and sophisticated, a cap gives it a more streetwear feel, and a headband gives it even hip-hop style.

V surely showed what a versatile shirt it is! However it was styled, both he and V slayed the look.

Interestingly, that same year, V wore a T-shirt with Harry Styles on it. Read more below.

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