It’s Been 10 Years Since “Haru Haru” was Released And It’s Become Even More Amazing

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better.

OG BIGBANG fans would surely remember the time the group released “Haru Haru”.


They surprised the public with an emotionally charged, addictive track and a dramatic music video to go along with it. An unconventional style if compared to other male idol groups during that time.


“Haru Haru” was first released as the title track for their “Stand Up” album back in August 2008 and believe it or not, the song actually turns 10 years old this year!


On their last concert in Seoul, fans were treated to a new, softer rearrangement of the iconic song.


Considering that it might be their last tour for a while before enlistment, the mellow rendition was enough to trigger a few emotions from their fans.


The significance of which was even more appreciated and left some in goosebumps!


The moment was so surreal, fans eventually joined the members in singing it with them.


Surely, only BIGBANG can set off new emotions by revising their old tunes.