Hater Asks Jackson To Leave Got7 … Here’s How He Responded

Jackson was asked to leave Got7 and his response couldn’t have been better!


While he was live broadcasting, a viewer wrote in Chinese telling him to leave Got7 and go to China.

After he saw this comment, he told said that thanks to haters, he becomes stronger, shutting all malicious commenters down!

“Whenever I do some thing, there are people who like it and there are also some who don’t like it. Hateful comments make me stronger. To all the people who don’t like me: I’m going to work harder and become stronger. Every time you write hate comments, I work harder. Thank you. 

I’m just going to work hard as Got7’s Jackson, and succeed as Got7’s Jackson. People have mouths, and you can’t stop them from saying something. I don’t really have anything to say about that. I just have to keep working hard as Got7’s Jackson.

I’ll work hard and be successful.”

— Got7’s Jackson

Jackson has proven that it is possible to shut down haters in a classy way!