Haters Called Baekhyun A Crap Singer… His Response Immediately Made Them Shut Up

Baekhyun can SING!

With popularity, comes hate, and EXO‘s Baekhyun has seen more than enough of his share of hate.


People hate on Baekhyun for many inconceivable things, but Baekhyun couldn’t stand by and watch haters mock his singing.

And he had the perfect way of proving them wrong and making them shut up.


He proceeded to melt their hate simply by being his good old self and killing Han Dong Geun‘s “Amazing You”, on his Instagram Live broadcast.


Once anyone can recover from the feels of Baekhyun’s singing those gorgeous lyrics — “What’s in a dream house? Where ever you are, that’s the dream” —, perhaps the haters will notice that Baekhyun is well known for spontaneously breaking into song and has shown us his vocal power before.


Anyone else dare to challenge this amazing man’s vocals?