Haters Left Homophobic Comments on Jo Kwon’s SNS…His Response Shut Them Down Instantly

You tell’em, Jo Kwon!

Jo Kwon has always been loved for his extra sassy side, which he hasn’t been shy to show off on camera since he debuted. Jo Kwon won himself the title of “Kkap-Kwon (깝권, silly and playful Kwon)” with his super energetic and brilliant personality.


When Jo Kwon shared pictures he took with comedian Hong Seok Cheon, haters left malicious comments on his Instagram account. They stated, “Jo Kwon must belong to ‘that side’ as well” referring to the fact that Hong Seok Cheon is openly homosexual.

Jo Kwon and Hong Seok Cheon have been friends for years, appearing on various TV programs together.


Jo Kwon didn’t sit idly by as haters attacked his friendship. He snapped back in a series of comments that showed these haters who’s boss.

“That side” or this side, or whatever side, is there a problem? If I go there, am I on “that side”? Excuse me. It’s 2018.” — Jo Kwon


He responded towards the discrimination with some wisdom about “basic manners”.

“I usually don’t care about what haters say. People call social media a waste of time, and I agree to some point. That’s why when I want to interact, I do it without causing harm or controversy. So when I see haters come with their fake accounts made fresh to be used for spying on other IG accounts and leaving hateful comments, I seriously have to ask. Did I ever cause you any trouble? Celebrities are people too. I hope you learn to see the world with a broader perspective and realize that there are people who look like this and that, who act like this and that, and who prefer this or that. You should probably learn how to respect others. What would you say if someone randomly attacked another person about how he/she looks or is shaped? Everyone deserves to be loved and respected. If they haven’t done anything to you, leave them alone and go on with your life. Be loved. Live a better life.” — Jo Kwon


Jo Kwon was completely fed up with discrimination, hate, and mannerless haters as he concluded that they should probably stay away from his feed.

“I know there are others who DM my friends and hurting their feelings too. It’s ridiculous to be dividing up this side – that side. STOP DISCRIMINATING. You too are probably hated somewhere, discriminated against sometimes. Like so, I can’t satisfy everyone. Just know that there are basic manners. Don’t ever come back to my feed of rainbows and cloud all over it.” — Jo Kwon


Never change a thing, Jo Kwon!

Source: Dispatch