Not Even A Scary Haunted House Can Wipe The Smile From SHINee Taemin’s Face

He’s hard to scare!

SHINee‘s Taemin really loves all things spooky!

SHINee’s Taemin | @unravelingsky/Twitter

Taemin proved just how hard scaring him is when he appeared on the variety show, Problematic Men. He and the rest of the cast members visited an abandoned school.

| tvN D ENT/YouTube

Taemin was the first one to enter the school building, and he jumped around excitedly as he waited to go inside.

The cast sat in a dark classroom after they entered the school, and a creepy doll told them they were going to go on a treasure hunt in the school.

The lights in the room suddenly turned on after the doll was done speaking. The cast members were caught off guard and scared by the sudden burst of light. Well, all the cast members except for Taemin, that is! While the other cast members were saying they didn’t want to play the game, Taemin was smiling to himself.

They asked if Taemin was enjoying the scary experience, and he said it was exciting.

When the other members were startled by a sudden noise in the room, Taemin jokingly wondered what would happen if something fell from the ceiling. Unfortunately, the rest of the cast was too scared to laugh at the moment.

The treasure hunt began outside, and Taemin looked excited for all the spooky fun to begin.

A flash of light went off with a puff of air as the treasure hunters left the school, but Taemin wasn’t startled at all. As he roamed the school grounds, he kept saying “wow.” He smiled the entire time, too!

When Taemin’s treasure hunt partner asked if they needed to open a door in the warehouse to look for clues, Taemin fearlessly opened the door. There was a ghost in there, but Taemin wasn’t scared at all. As always, he had a smile on his face. He even apologized to the ghost for disturbing it.

In the next room, Taemin and his partner encountered another ghost. Taemin said “wow” as the ghost rose from the bed with a huge smile on his face. Although he wasn’t scared, Taemin seemed to realize the ghost probably wanted a reaction from him, so he said, “What should I do? I think I’m supposed to run.”

Clearly, Taemin is practically impossible to scare!

Check out the full clip below.