Have You Noticed Kang Daniel And K.Will Look Freakishly Alike

So mathematically speaking, Daesung = K-will, K-will = Kang Daniel, so Daesung = Kang Daniel?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Wanna One’s  Kang Daniel — also know as the Nation’s Centre.


You may have also heard of 36-year-old solo singer, K-Will.


What do these two have in common? A collab? Nope. A unique hobby? Not at all. It’s just that netizens realized that these two look freakishly alike.

 The original Korean online community post had people asking in the comments who was who.


The two really do have astonishingly similar facial features.

From their sleepy eyes that disappear when they smile, to their wide and tall noses, all the way to their plump lips!


K-Will is already well-known for looking similar to BIG BANG’s Daesung. Here’s another idol to add to his potential doppleganger list!


Source: Instiz