(★BTS) ALL The HD Photos We Could Find of BTS At The American Music Awards (AMA)

BTS just finished performing at the prestigious American Music Awards (AMA) and the performance was nothing short of amazing.

(★BTS) Watch The Historic AMA Performance, Even if you saw it already

ARMYs, K-Pop fans around the world and even celebrities could not contain their excitement over their performance!

(★BTS) Celebrities Reacting To “DNA” Performance at American Music Awards (AMA)

Check out all the HD photos below to see the BTS boys going from the AMA red carpet, to the venue and finally up to the stage! 

Photos are always good but what makes photos even better are… HD photos! 

Photo-op session for the press at the AMA red carpet!

Still on the red carpet but from a different, better angle! 

BTS boys are excited to be at this prestigious award show. 

Close up photos of the members, courtesy of Dispatch! 

They took a photo with worldwide known producer and DJ, Marshmello! 

Their expressions are everything. 

Now we’re finally inside the venue and everyone has a different expression! 

What do you think caught Junkook’s full attention?

Ansel Elgort was kind enough to share this wonderful photo! 

And this one as well! 

Finally on stage and ready to make history… AGAIN! 

Words cannot describe this moment. 

Each and every moment BTS shows is a step forward for K-Pop as a whole. 

Congratulations BTS and ARMY for all the continued efforts! 

Their performance of DNA at the AMAs was nothing short of amazing. 

BTS did a flawless performance and EVERYONE saw it.