Your Heart Will Literally Melt At How Cute This Little Baby Girl Cries And Laughs At The Same Time

WARNING: Your cold hearts going to melt with her adorable warmth!

Your hearts aren’t ready for this. Take a look at this adorable little girl who went viral worldwide.

It all started when she began crying…

…but she lit up everyone’s hearts when she suddenly smiled!

People were floored by her sweetest smile!

Not only is she famous for her crying-then-laughing bit, her adorable chubby cheeks are all over her many videos!

Just look at her big chubby cheeks work their warm magic on your cold frozen hearts!

She’s literally a chipmunk hiding her yummy goods inside her mouth.

Look at that adorable sly smile!

We’re so dead right now! ☠️💖

Watch her full viral video below:

cute baby

I have round eyes too, but nobody ever called me cute.

Posted by 9GAG Girly on Wednesday, January 17, 2018