These Heartwarming Images Show What It Means To Be EXO’s Maknae

Sehun is the youngest member of EXO and his fellow members treat him with all the love and kindness they would show a younger brother. It’s too sweet.

It’s not always easy being the youngest member of the group, but EXO shows its maknae, Sehun, all the kindness in the world. Sehun’s relationship with the older members of his group is sweet enough to make any younger brother envious.

Take a look at some of Sehun’s most adorable moments with his hyungs below:

When he’s tired, he can rely on older members to sleep on.

When Sehun doesn’t want to sit by himself, he can really on older members to sit on his lap.

When he needs a hug, D.O is there for him.

Sehun was overwhelmed with emotions when Big Bang's Seungri sat on his lap & sneakily grabbed his EXO's Chanyeol for help.
When Sehun was overwhelmed with emotions when BIGBANG’s Seungri sat on his lap, he sneakily grabbed EXO’s Chanyeol for help.

When Sehun wants to goof around, Chanyeol is there to hold him.

EXO’s older members certainly treasure their maknae.

Just look at the respect and admiration they have for him.


Sehun is one lucky maknae.