Heechul Admitted He Fell Head Over Heels For DAVICHI Kang Min Kyung

In a recent episode of Life Bar, Kim Heechul revealed the different drinking habits of Lim Soo Hyang, Lee Yu Bi, and Kang Min Kyung.

He explained that the three celebrities were all very close friends, and that he once had the chance to drink with them.

Out of the three, Heechul said that Lee Yu Bi and Lim Soo Hyang were both happy when drunk, in that they became more bubbly.

When it came to Kang Min Kyung, however, Heechul said that she became extremely cute and called him “oppa” with the perfect amount of aegyo.

“Oppa~ Shall we have another glass?”

— Kang Min Kyung

Also, when Heechul pointed out to Kang Min Kyung that she’d only downed half her shot, she shut him down with her aegyo.

“I can’t drink it~”

— Kang Min Kyung

Lim Soo Hyang then asked Heechul if he found her cute because she was his style, to which he admitted that he found her adorable.

Lim Soo Hyang: Isn’t it because she’s your style?
Heechul: She’s incredibly cute.”

Watch the full segment below!