Heechul Finally Opens Up About The Female Idols He’s Had Relationships With

He’s dated female idols…as well as actresses.

On an episode of KBS’s One Percent FriendshipHeechul was asked about the female idols he has dated… so far!


In a segment about special guest Joo Jin Woo, who’s a reporter for Sisa IN; Heechul asked him some questions about what it’s like to interview Korea’s most powerful and influential. In return however, the reporter asked Heechul a very sensitive question.

“I’m guessing that you have dated many people that I would also know?” – Joo Jin Woo


A flustered Heechul responded, “I’m in a job that everybody knows, so it is highly likely that the people I have dated would be people you have heard of, wouldn’t you say?”


He continued, “I’ve dated enough to not fall behind others” -implying that he would put his dating record against anybody.


MC Ahn, one of the show’s hosts pressed the point, asking Heechul, “Exactly how many famous women have you dated? Don’t be coy, let’s talk numbers.”

“You might think it’s a two digit number, but it’s actually one digit.”  – Heechul


The other hosts chimed in guessing, “Aha, so it must be 9 women!”


Wanting to get some names, MC Bae persistently asked, “You’ve obviously dated a few members from girl groups, right?” Heechul had the perfect response.

“Don’t think I’ve only dated girl group members; I’ve actually dated a variety of different stars!”