Heechul Had An Interesting Choice of Comfort Words For Yesung

A compliment that Yesung can use for any situation.

AOA were the guests of Super Junior‘s variety show, Super TV 2. Mina revealed that she was great at addition and subtraction, so she had to challenge one of the Super Junior members to test her skills. 



The member she selected to challenge was a Yesung, saying she could beat him.



Yesung got off to a great start, even getting praise from the members (for what that is worth)



After that moment, it just went all downhill for Yesung.




After the defeat, Heechul had some “encouraging” words for Yesung, but they didn’t really fit the situation at hand.



I guess Yesung can use this “compliment” in any situation he’s facing, “at least I’m good at singing”.

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