Heechul Once Slept With Both EXID’s Hani and Bora

“Last year… [we] slept together.”

Heechul revealed on an episode of Knowing Bros that he had once slept with both EXID’s Hani and former SISTAR member Bora!


The Knowing Bros members were trying to guess what Bora’s sleeping habit was when Heechul mentioned that he’d slept with Hani and Bora during the filming of a variety show.

Last year when we filmed a variety show together, you, me, and Hani slept together. How did we sleep back then…?

ㅡ Heechul


When Heechul made this comment, however, the other members looked confused and Dasom finally shouted, “You slept together?”


Although Heechul was trying to explain that they didn’t sleep together that way, Min Kyung Hoon’s eyes became huge and it seemed like he may have been imagining something else…


Before the situation got any more awkward, Lee Soo Geun made a joke out of Heechul’s beauty and put an end to the conversation.

Heechul must have been the prettiest (among all three).

ㅡ Lee Soo Geun


Heechul chimed in saying that in fact, his hair was quite long at the time. It seems Lee Soo Geun’s joke was, in a way, valid!


The variety show Heechul, Bora and Hani filmed together was called A Style For You, which was a fashion-beauty show that encouraged idols to create their own styles. Together with Goo Hara, the four hosts led the program.


Heechul and Hani became very close through this program and later even hosted Weekly Idol together. Their close friendship won them the nickname “Hee siblings” named after Hani’s real name, Hee Yeon.


Heechul became close with Bora during this time as well and their friendship continued to grow since then as well.


Considering the close bonds that Heechul had with these two idols, it doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary happened when they “slept” together as some may have imagined. In fact, the story proves just how close Heechul is with these two beautiful idols!