Heize Burst Into Tears After This Wanna One Performance…And You Will Too

She and a thousand other Wannables, that is. We can all relate!

In the last episode of Wanna One Go: X-CON, the rehearsal footage of The Heal (a unit consisting of Lee Daehwi and Ong Seongwoo featuring Heize), made everyone tear up.

Wanna One Go: X-CON is the third season of a reality program that covered Wanna One members’ journey from debut to promotion and the selection of unit groups and concert preparation.


Lee Daehwi and Ong Seongwoo, produced by Korean rapper Heize, formed a unit called The Heal and prepared a song called “Hourglass” which signified the group’s limited time together. Ong Seongwoo explained the lyrics to “Hourglass” as “a way of delivering the message we wanted to tell the fans.”

Heize featured with the group to sing the part that speaks on behalf of all the Wannables. The lyrics go, “Thank you so much for the memories we made, they make me smile. I’ll try to be okay. I promise to come back a better person too.”


Heize went on the stage to rehearse her part with the Wanna One boys.


As she stepped off the stage, Heize broke down. She teared up, completely taken over by her emotions from representing the fans in the song.


Throughout the reality show, she got to know the group members better and related deeply with Wannables who have to let the group go at the end of this year.

“I’m going to cry… The boys, they… They looked at me when I was singing my part and this is just all too sad.” — Heize


Later, during the actual performance, her voice was backed up with the entire audience singing along with her. She and the Wannables spoke to the members, as strongly as the song spoke to the fans. Lee Daehwi looked over-swept by emotions as the fans sang to him and Ong Seongwoo.


Watch The Heal’s beautiful and heartbreaking performance of “Hourglass” here:

Source: Dispatch

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