Heize Renames Herself After Taeyeon’s New Songs

Heize unleashed her inner fan girl for Taeyeon.

Taeyeon recently released a new album with the title track, “Spark”, and Heize didn’t hold back in expressing her love for it.

Heize recently shared a screenshot of Taeyeon’s new song along with the caption, “I wish my name was Jang Spark.

The screenshot that she shared had the line “A new spark, spark, wrap around my body like you’re dancing“, which goes to show just how much of a fan of Taeyeon Heize is.


On top of that, Heize also added a screenshot of Taeyeon’s song, “Gravity” and captioned it with another desired name for herself, “Jang Gravity”.

Heize’s legal name is Jang Da Hye, so she went ahead and added the song titles of Taeyeon’s new album and gave herself some brand new names.

In response to Heize’s adorable gesture as a Taeyeon fan, netizens left comments such as “Jang Da Hye is such a big fan“, “Jang Spark, hahaha“, and “I totally surrender“.

Source: Dispatch

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