Heize Reveals What She Struggles with the Most While Living in Seoul

Heize has lived in Gyeongsang Province all her life.

In an interview on SBS’s Kim Young Chul’s Power FM, Heize talked about the most difficult part of adjusting to Seoul, which is her Gyeongsang Province dialect.

When asked about the Seoul dialect, Heize shared that the opinions are split on whether she should fix it or not.

My fans tell me not to fix my dialect. My agency told me to fix it, but I’m having a hard time with it.

– Heize

She explained why it’s so hard for her by describing all the places she lived in while growing up.

I was born in Daegu, and continued to live in Gyeongsang Province after that. I lived in Busan even until my early 20s.

– Heize

But Heize has made an effort to fix her dialect. She revealed what she did to adjust to the Seoul way of speaking and which words she still has a hard time with.

I’ve read books aloud with the Seoul dialect, and I even asked my friends for help. But when I talk, it just comes out. “Monday” and “Sunday” are still really hard for me to say.

– Heize

Check out Heize’s full confession below:

Source: Dispatch