Heize Shares The Touching Reason Why Ong Seongwu Cries Everytime He Talks About His Fans

Heize even got emotional from this

Heize, one of South Korea’s most popular soloists, sat down for an interview with Billboard last year to discuss her latest music and future plans.

During the interview, fans were able to record footage of her answering a question about WANNA ONE with a heartwarming response.

Heize was one of the artists who collaborated with WANNA ONE members on their album 1÷x=1 (Undivided) where the members were split into different units, each featuring another artist.

Heize was part of “The Heal” subunit, along with members Ong Seongwu and Lee Daehwi who would go on to debut with AB6IX.

The trio collaborated to write the lyrics to “Hourglass” and many fans praised the combination of their vocal tones.

In the interview, Heize revealed how proud she was of Seongwu and Daehwi, despite being incredibly busy in 2018.

They’re really really hard-working. Obviously they have a lot of schedules and are very busy, but even after that, at really late at night, they’d be so hard-working … working together until everything was done

She revealed that Seongwu and Daehwi were so hard-working that even when their schedules were packed, they would still find the time to help her and practise.

What impressed Heize most was when the trio first performed “Hourglass at their concert. WANNA ONE revealed that Heize was so touched by the fan response to the performance, that she ended up crying.

She discussed with the interviewer that Seongwu often talks about his fans, and every time he does, he ends up getting emotional.

When he talks about his fans, he’s crying, he gets very emotional

Heize revealed that this was because Seongwu is so grateful and moved by all the little things that his fans have done for him.

What is important for Seongwu are the messages and words that fans write to him that keeps him going.

In fact, Heize revealed that Seongwu actually keeps a notepad, just so he can record all the loving messages he has received from fans, so he can always remember them.

So actually Seongwu keeps a little pad of all the touching things he’s heard from fans and all the love and messages he’s got.

Given the emotional journey of WANNA ONE, it is clear why Seongwu would have such appreciation and deep affection for his fans.

This moved Heize so much that she even cried during rehearsals because of how emotive Seongwu and Daehwi’s singing was.

Daehwi and Seongwu have previously discussed how grateful they are for Heize’s kindness and help for their song.

Meanwhile, in the interview, Heize answered that she was expecting great things for them in the future due to their skill.

I’m looking forward to them in the future because they have a lot of potential as solo artists and I wish for you guys to give them your blessing

While life for idols can be challenging, Seongwu’s simple yet touching gesture shows how meaningful the kindness and support from his fans is.

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