Korea University Revealed to Have Rejected Henry’s Offer to Perform at Their College Festival for Free

Korea University is currently under fire for their recent college festival.

Korea University’s school newspaper, The HOANS recently reported on the controversy regarding the amount of money the school spent on their last college festival.

Their past college festival was a big hit with stunning performances by stars such as Kim Yeon Woo, Chungha, Lovelyz, SEVENTEEN, 10cm, and Daybreak.

But once it was revealed that they spent 300 million won (~$250,000 USD) for their festival expenses, students criticized them for spending so much when Yonsei University only spent around 160 million won (~$130,000 USD) to host IU, Beenzino, Zico, TWICE, and Red Velvet.

As the controversy escalated, The HOANS explained their reasons behind the artists they chose as well as the amount of money they spent on the festival.

According to the interview, the school wanted to pick strong vocalists who would match the theme of the festival, which was movies. They explained, “Considering the schedule and expenses, we could have picked Psy to perform, but in order to make the theme consistent, we went with Kim Yeon Woo instead.

What’s even more shocking is that they also revealed, “The truth is, Henry offered to perform at our festival for free, but he was rejected for not matching the festival’s theme.

In contrast to their original intent of clearing the air, this revelation only added to the controversy, and the students of Korea University are continuing to criticize the school for how they handled their most recent college event.

Source: Insight