Henry Shares The Interesting Story Behind His Friendship With SHINee’s Taemin

Opposites really do attract.

Henry and SHINee‘s Taemin revealed on an episode of Life Bar that they have been friends for quite a long time. Even Heechul was shocked to know that they were close because of their differing personalities.

Henry and Taemin were both trainees at the same time at SM Entertainment. This allowed them to have constant encounters with each other and eventually get to know each other.


When they first met, Henry wasn’t too good at the Korean language and wasn’t too familiar with the culture either. This caused other trainees to pull a small “prank” on him and teach him a lot of curse words.

Henry even talks about his first impression of Taemin. That Taemin is still the same person he was back as a trainee, someone who is constantly practicing.

Another interesting way the two bonded in the past was that they both loved popping and would both practice together.

Watch the full video below!