Heo Ji Woong Explains Why His Cancer Diagnosis Made Him Furious

He didn’t understand why they didn’t catch it earlier.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Radio Star, TV personality, Heo Ji Woong revealed that he felt furious about his cancer diagnosis.

Heo Ji Woong was diagnosed with blood cancer last year, and he recently finished treatment and stepped onto the path to recovery.

But he confessed that he was shocked by the diagnosis.

I never imagined that could happen to me. I rarely even got a cold. I went in for a checkup every year, and they didn’t say anything about cancer. They said I was totally fine.

– Heo Ji Woong

Heo Ji Woong went on to explain how he received his diagnosis.

I told my doctor that my chest area was hurting and asked him to connect me to a university hospital near my home so that I could get a prescription for medicine. So I went to a different hospital, and the scans immediately showed the results. I had a weird feeling ever since they directed me to the hemato-oncology department.

– Heo Ji Woong

He then expressed his rage of why the major hospital that he visited every year didn’t catch it earlier.

They told me it was cancer, and that they were pretty certain. I was angry. I went to a big hospital every year to get checkups. But I heard there’s a lot of people who got randomly diagnosed like I did.

– Heo Ji Woong

Source: Dispatch