Here’s A Step By Step Guide To Looking Exactly Like Baekhyun

Baekhyun‘s signature, smokey eyed look is gaining popularity among both men and women, and its super easy to get this look yourself!

The smokey eyed look has always been the style of choice among rockers and alternative fashionistas, but nowadays it’s breaking the limits between different styles. The style, usually known as “the burgundy look” has been noted for its universal appeal. Since it looks great on both single or double eyelids, anyone can look like Baekhyun!


You can easily look as classy as Baek!


With shows such as OnStyle‘s Lipstick Prince promoting the message that men can use makeup too, more Korean men have started to style themselves using cosmetics. Long before this movement became popular, however, EXO‘s Baekhyun paved the way, turning this classic into his own, rocking the look on many different occasions.

Check some of the moments Baekhyun wearing his signature look:

The smokey makeup gives his eyes more depth.

This rocker makeup goes great with black and leather clothes.

The dark hair is a great contrast against the red makeup

Messy hair is the best to look this cool with reddish smokey eyes.

This look is still amazing even under the heavy stage lights.

Getting the look

It’s quite easy to copy Baekhyun’s makeup. Many brands sell palettes with all the colors (usually called Burgundy Palette), and after a few attempts, getting this awesome look will become second nature!

Check this video tutorial to make sure you jump on the trend like a pro!