Here’s why Akdong Musician Make the Perfect Duo

Brother-sister duo Akdong Musician have won fans over with their adorable personalities and sibling antics. Here’s why they make the perfect duo.

Born three years apart elder of the pair Lee Chan Hyuk continues to tease his younger sister Lee Soo Hyun on stage throughout their promotions. Fans have fallen in love with their adorable sibling relationship as the young musicians have grown up in front of fans eyes.

After competing in SBS‘s K-Pop Star 2 in 2012 at just 16 and 13 years old the pair were eventually debuted under YG Entertainment with adorable indie style tracks. The pair continues to grow as musicians developing their own unique style of music.

Take a look at their adorable audition below!

This year Akdong Musician showed off their variety skills appearing for the first time on Weekly Idol. The pair showed amazing teamwork during their random dance play challenge. They not only showed rehearsed dances but made up their own on the spot and matched each other immediately.

Take a look at their unbelievable random dance challenge below!

Akdong Musician also demonstrated their adorable aegyo skills as showed their sibling relationship as they felt angry and cringed at each other’s attempts at aegyo. Anyone who has a sibling would know how they feel.

Take a look at their reactions below.

The pairs sibling antics never seem to stop their personal behind the scenes footage reveals Soo Hyun personally applies Chan Hyuk’s make-up before they go on stage. The pair also burst out into song together as they adorable sibling relationship shines backstage as well as on.

Akdong Musician are scheduled to make their next comeback with their new musical short film “Winter” on January 1st, 2017. Take a look at the adorable trailer below: