Here’s The Best Visual Comparison Showcasing BTS Jin’s Unbelievably Small Head Size

Thank you, Jungkook, for the visualization!

A must-have feature to be considered good-looking in the K-Pop world is a small-sized head. This is because a smaller head often means a better proportion of the body – making the shoulders look bigger and overall height seem taller for male stars. And BTS‘s Jin, being Worldwide Handsome, definitely has this feature.

ARMYs have always known that Jin has great model-like proportions, with his big strong shoulders, long beautiful legs, and just an overall godly aura to his physique.

At the Shizuoka, Japan leg of the world tour, however, Jin and Jungkook had a cute little moment of interacting with each other caught on camera – and it has become a way for ARMYs to really visualize and understand simply how small Jin’s head actually is!

Jungkook is reaching out to pet Jin’s head, maybe re-do his messy grape-purple hair a bit, but by doing so, he created a perfect comparison for Jin’s fans to see how small Jin’s head is.

It’s pretty close to the size of Jungkook’s hand!

Thanks to this smaller-than-average sized head, Jin’s shoulders seem even broader than they actually are – and in general, he looks like he has great proportions. And hence, without a doubt, Jin is the handsomest Worldwide Handsome we know.


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