Here’s The Biggest Difference Between Jin and Suga, And It’s Not What You’d Expect

There is one BIG difference between these two BTS members.

Korean ARMYs have noticed the biggest difference between BTS‘s Jin and Suga… and it’s food related.

Jin eats because he loves food.

Whenever he is filmed or captured eating, the food seems delicious and he’s enjoying himself.

It looks so tasty that viewers want a piece, too.

And Jin always shares the food he is eating with the camera, just because he’s excited about it.

But Suga, on the other hand, seems to eat solely to survive.

He never seems to enjoy his food…

And eats as if it’s a chore.

It seems as if it’s actually difficult for him to swallow!

He gets comments from netizens as he eats saying, “please enjoy your meal” and he responds, “but it’s delicious?”

And sometimes it’s as if he’s unsure of exactly what he’s eating –  or if he knows what it is, it’s tasteless.

Suga certainly doesn’t get excited about eating!

The comparison is hilarious to see – check out Jin’s BBQ chicken advertisement…

And then Suga’s…

But no matter what, A.R.M.Ys love them both – and think they’re both adorable.

  • “Seriously they’re both so cute and always attractive. Without a break.”
  • “God, they kill us dead… so cute.”
  • “They both really eat so prettily.”
  • “The difference between someone who eats to live and someone who lives to eat.”
  • “It’s cute how different they eat. They understand each other’s differences…they seem like soulmates. Opposites that want to be together forever.”
  • “If they had a mukbang this is what it would be like!”