Here’s BLACKPINK Lisa’s Emotional And Difficult Journey To Becoming A Global Star

Lisa went through a lot during her days as a trainee.

While BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is now a global star that is beloved by many, she’s had quite the journey getting to this point. Lisa made some headlines even during BLACKPINK’s debut, as foreign idols were not something that YG Entertainment groups were known for.

A YouTube channel by the name of “BeBoss TV” compiled some moments where Lisa spoke on her emotional journey.

Ever since Lisa was young, she’s been a fan of K-Pop.

Her love for K-Pop grew as she got older, and she had ambitions of becoming a K-Pop artist herself.

Thankfully, YG Entertainment was having auditions in Thailand during this time. Out of everyone who auditioned, Lisa was the only person to get accepted by YG Entertainment.

Lisa ran into many difficulties as she was moving to a foreign country by herself. Lisa couldn’t speak Korean, so she ran into many problems when trying to communicate with other people. Thankfully, she met the other BLACKPINK members during her time as a trainee, and they helped her get through it.

Lisa was a trainee for 5 years before she debuted, and ran into many hardships along the way, such as debuts getting canceled. Despite all these hardships, Lisa never quit, and these hardships only motivated her to work harder.

Here is the full video below!