Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Brushes Off Her Haters And Remains Positive

Haters will never affect Jisoo.

Malicious comments and anti-fans are one of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with, as they can severely damage the mental health of idols.

Some idols brush off these kinds of people and try to be as positive as possible. One of these idols is BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo!

A YouTube channel by the name of “BeBoss TV” took a brief look at Jisoo’s journey, and found that Jisoo has many reasons why she stays positive. The main reason for Jisoo’s happiness is her fellow members and BLINKs.

Rather than worrying about what others have to say about her, Jisoo has always been more concerned about getting better and making great memories with BLINKs.







Jisoo realized from quite an early age that haters will hate her no matter what she does, and the people who love her will always be by her side.

Jisoo’s okay with this, as she feels that the amount of love she receives will always outweigh the hate.

The other BLACKPINK members also give Jisoo strength through hard times and are a big reason why she’s able to remain positive.

No matter how much hate she receives, there’s always a source of happiness for Jisoo.

Here is the full video below!