Here’s A Breakdown Of What A Typical Week As A K-Pop Idol Trainee Would Look Like

Here’s what to expect if you want to become an idol.

Training to become a K-Pop idol is no joke and should not be taken lightly. An online community board shared a general schedule of what a typical week would look like for an idol trainee in any sort of agency.

They revealed that diet was a huge part of a trainee’s schedule in that they had to maintain a certain type of figure for it to be acceptable to be seen on broadcast. Because the camera usually makes a person seem bigger than they are in real life, idols have to work even harder so that they look fit and slim even in front of the camera.

It’s a continuous routine of school, practice, and sleep and they usually practice for ten hours every day six days out of the week.

In order to train to become an idol, there are also many things you have to give up. Aside from food, you also have to give up your social life, friendships and even time with family.

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It is also important to realize that becoming an idol is not for the weak-hearted, in that there are constant test and competitions while dealing with criticism and hate.

ITZY’s Yuna once revealed, “Thinking back on it now, it was a hard journey, but at that time I was having such as hard time that I didn’t even know that I was having a hard time.”

The post also revealed a weekly schedule of what a typical week would look like for a general trainee in any sort of agency.

10-11: Exercise

11-12: English lesson

12-1: Lunch

1-2: Rap lesson

2-3: Rap lesson

3-4: Free practicing

4-5: Free practicing

5-6: Dinner

6-7: Weekly monitoring

7-8: Weekly monitoring

8-9: Choreography lesson

9-10: Choreography lesson

10-11: Weekly monitoring

This is what a typical day would look like for a trainee. There are a few changes throughout the week such as vocal, dance and instrument lessons switching back and forth between the rap lessons.

Would you be able to endure the training period to become a K-Pop idol? Would it be worth it? All the idols that we love and see today have gone through rigorous training and practice to be where they are today and it is the support of fans that allow them to push forward in their career.