Here’s Why BTS Didn’t Want To Get Close To Any Girl Group When They Were Rookies

It was for a simple reason.

The BTS members have always prioritized their work over everything, and have even admitted that it prevents them from dating.

I don’t believe that we can date someone. We don’t even have time to meet our family members. Our lifestyles are very different from other people.

Even if we were in a relationship, it wasn’t like the relationships that the word entails.”


Even when BTS were rookies, they had this kind of mindset.

During a past episode of Beatles Code, BTS shared that they weren’t interested in getting close to any girl group.

Suga went more in-depth about this and shared that they didn’t want to get distracted and wanted to focus solely on their music. He also felt that since they were still rookies, it wouldn’t be the best decision to get distracted.

Not only that, but Suga also shared that they never got close to any singers after they debuted, so the chance of them getting close to a girl group wasn’t even possible.

There’s more in the full video below!