Here’s How BTS’s Dorms Have Changed Over The Years — From Debut To Now

The difference between their dorms is truly astounding.

BTS’s sales sky-rocketed last year and peaked at $33.3 million USD. A move was called for and the whole team, including the company itself, moved to Seoul’s luxurious Hannam Area. The 7 members of BTS are now neighbors with Korea’s other top stars like Han Hyo Joo, Ahn Sung Ki, and Park Hyo Shin. So, this is the perfect time to look back at BTS’s beginnings and appreciate how far they have come.

1. The “All-Members-Sleep-in-One-Room” Days (2013 ~ 2014)

2. The Eating Good, Doing Better Days (2015 ~ 2016)

3. The “We-Might-Need-To-Move-Again-In-A-Year-But-Thank-God-For-All-This-Space” Days (2017)

4. The Luxurious Hannam Area Apartment Days (AKA very, very far from 7 members in a single room times (2018-present)

Even though some of the members have moved out of the BTS dorm to their own apartments, the group still has an official dorm.

Fans Pretty Much Know How BTS’s Dorm Looks Like Even Without An Official House Tour