Here’s How BTS Included ARMY In Their Group Hug — And It’s Unexpectedly Touching

ARMYs would be so touched to know that BTS likes including them in their group hugs!

The adorable thing about global superstar group BTS is that the members don’t just treat each other as simple co-workers.

Instead, all of them consider each other as part of their loving family who’s always been there to love and support each other through difficult times.

Perhaps this is why BTS loves doing group hugs every time they have achieved something…

…to share the joy and appreciation they feel with each other, since they’ve all been witnesses to the hardships that every member endured to get to where they are right now?

In addition to the seven members, though, did you know that the group oftentimes want to include an additional figure every time they do their emotional group hugs?

That’s right: BTS members love and appreciate ARMYs as well, and since they’re extremely grateful to ARMYs, they always love to include them in their group hugs.

This is why during one of their concerts when BTS members hugged each other tightly…

…and made sure to celebrate the moment of being seven years in the industry…

…they decided to do a little something special for the fans.

Instead of just doing group hug as a group, the members also wanted to leave a space in the group hug so that ARMYs can also participate in it!

They spun playfully and carefully left a space for ARMYs to join in on the fun.

To even extend the space…

…the members ran to the edge of the stage and did the group hug once again.

After all, as J-Hope said, ARMYs are all around BTS, so they can participate in group hugs every time, right?

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