Here’s BTS Jin’s Advice For Students Who Struggle With Multiple-Choice Exams

This is something Jin wished he knew during his time at university.

Even though BTS‘s Jin is an idol who is always booked with schedules, he still found a way to graduate from college. Jin graduated from Konkuk University with a degree in Film Arts in 2017.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

During a live broadcast, Jin spoke briefly about some of the things he learned as a student. The conversation began when an ARMY told Jin that they were watching his broadcast while studying.

Jin got a little flustered by this comment, as he didn’t know how to respond.

He ended up giving an encouraging message to the ARMY, wishing them all the best on their upcoming exam.

Another ARMY asked Jin about what number they should pick when they don’t know the answer for a multiple-choice question.

Jin told the ARMY that he tends to pick option 4 in these kinds of situations.

Jin also shared that whenever he chooses option 4, it ends up being wrong. However, when he doesn’t choose option 4, option 4 ends up being the correct answer.

Despite this, Jin’s main advice for multiple-choice exams is to just stick with your first answer and never change it.

Jin ended up learning this lesson AFTER he graduated from college.

Here is the full video below!