Here’s What BTS’s Jungkook Honestly Feels About J-Hope’s Smell, As Caught On Camera

Jungkook didn’t hold himself back in expressing how he feels, as seen on camera.

ARMYs are familiar with BTS‘s Jungkook‘s sensitivity to smell.

According to the group’s leader, RM, the nice thing about sharing a room with their maknae Jungkook is because he’s sensitive to smell, they have to use an air freshener.

He’s sensitive with smells so we have to use air freshener. I’m really unconcerned when comes to smells, but thanks to him, our room smells nice.

– RM, talking about Jungkook

His sensitivity to smell is displayed wherever BTS is!

During their interview at the Grammy’s, just look at how he struggled to find the source of what he smelled.

He even looked excited when he seemed to smell something that he liked.

That’s how sensitive his nose is. He even brushes his teeth every time he feels nervous — perhaps the mint smell of the toothpaste calms him down?

Even though Jungkook’s sensitive to scents and various smell, though, did you know that he has a habit when it comes to smelling J-Hope‘s scent?

Look at how he just casually puts his arms around J-Hope and sniffs his hair.

After a few minutes, Jungkook still hasn’t gotten his scent quota yet, so he leaned in again for another whiff of J-Hope’s hair.

Jungkook isn’t the only one who loves the smell of J-Hope.

also likes the way his hyung smells like.

I like the smell of Hoseok’s [J-Hope’s] bed because he smells like vanilla.

– V, talking about J-Hope

We wonder what bath products J-Hope uses?

They must be extremely good since three members of the superstar group BTS can’t get enough of it.

Source: ASTA TV Magazine 2015 Sep Issue