Here’s BTS Suga’s Honest Opinion About The Members’ Sanity

Not even BTS are safe from Suga’s savageness!

While the BTS members are loved for their incredible talents, another thing they are beloved for is their silly personalities.

However, it seems that the members can sometimes be a bit too crazy, according to Suga.

During an episode of Star Show 360, the members were asked about their song “Boyz with Fun”, which is a song that Suga wrote.

Suga then shared that the song is based on a nickname that ARMYs gave to them due to their fun personalities. Suga also shared that while they don’t often go on variety shows, they make a lot of self-created content that shows off their fun personalities.

However, sometimes when Suga views their content, he begins to question their sanity, having thoughts like, “Those guys (BTS) are nuts“.

Here’s the full video below!


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