Here’s How You Can Actually Study Alongside Your Favorite Idols At Home

Talk about motivation!

Fans all around the world can be accompanied by their favorite K-Pop idols while studying at home!

Fans can watch a video of BLACKPINK’s Rosé while studying. 

A website called LifeAt offers virtual spaces filled with videos of calming landscapes, serene scenery, and yes, K-Pop idols!

Haechan, Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun from NCT. 

The “Celebrity” tab shows various idols’ livestream recordings in a Zoom call format, simulating an online study session with friends.

SEVENTEEN are included in their list of celebrities to study with. 

Some artists fans can find through LifeAt include BLACKPINK‘s RoséNCT‘s Doyoung, and full groups like TOMORROW X TOGETHER and STRAY KIDS!

Doyoung from NCT. 

The LifeAt’s TikTok account posted a video about the feature, and they have amassed over 1 million views!


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♬ What is this trend follow joey now – Green Line

They even woke up to a large bill from their website server after going viral.


Help us cover the server cost so we can continue to keep this site free! Link in bio ❤️#kpop #lifeat #studytips #studyhacks #studytok #studenthacks

♬ Pretty young twearkalator – ✨yUh✨

The only downside seems to be that fans keep getting distracted by the idols’ visuals so they end up watching the video instead of doing their work!

Livestreams of BTS formatted to look like a video chat. 

The hashtag #LifeAt on TikTok has millions of videos under it. It’s full of K-Pop fans using the website to help them while studying or doing other tasks. Check it out the next time you feel like getting a celebrity study buddy!