Here’s how you can measure the size of your favorite idols face

With the large culture of obsessing over face sizes in K-Pop, fans have discovered easy ways to learn the size of an idol’s physical features. 

In South Korea, the physical feature of a small face is highly desired, as beauty is an important measure of success. Through fan-taken photos and screenshots from variety shows, netizens have collected instances in which idols held up objects next to or on their faces, and have used those images to compare face sizes. These photos prove that these idols clearly have impressive and attractive facial measurements.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Kang Sung Hoon of SECHSKIES holds up a Samsung Galaxy S7 up to his face, which is approximately 14.2 cm long.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

SECHSKIES’s Kim Jae Duk uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which is 15 cm long.

Ottogi Instant Rice

Oh My Girl‘s YooA holds up a bowl of Ottogi Instant Rice next to her face.


Yang Yoseob of Highlight sticks a piece of tissue onto his face.

Face mask

V of BTS goofily places his entire mask over his face at the Incheon International Airport.

Were you amazed by how small these idol’s faces are?

Source: Instiz