Here’s How Celebrities Perfect Their Figures For Photoshoots, According To A Celebrity Trainer

It takes some serious dedication!

Ever wondered how celebrities manage to look so perfect in their photoshoots? Fitness trainer Juhyun revealed the details of what celebrities will do in the hours leading up to the photoshoot!

Juhyun, the CEO of Flecto Studio. | @flecto_jh/Instagram

Juhyun is the CEO of Flecto Studio in South Korea. In a recent video with Allure Korea, Juhyun spoke about her experience as a trainer, specifically her work with rapper Lee Young Ji whose recent 12kg weight loss has caught the public’s attention.

Lee Young Ji. | @youngji_02/Instagram

When asked what celebrities need to do before getting photographed, Juhyun explained that getting rid of their water is the first step!

The most important thing before the celebrities take their photos is the reduction of moisture. So being as sweaty as possible was the goal.

— Juhyun

| Allure Korea 

In order to do this with Lee Young Ji, Juhyun had her buy a special sweatsuit designed to really make you sweat while working out. Young Ji had to zip it up fully and work out all of her sweat using a combination of high-intensity cardio and weight lifting!

Juhyun teaching an online class with CL. | @flecto_jh/Instagram

Juhyun dispelled the myth that you shouldn’t have water for the whole day before; instead, she recommended no water after 9 p.m!

| Allure Korea 

On the day of the photoshoot, Juhyun recommended “just the minimum amount of candy or chocolate.” Just enough to give them energy for the day!

| Allure Korea 

Check out the video below for more of Juhyun’s insight on training Lee Young Ji!

Source: YouTube