Here’s The Difference Between Why Men & Women Become K-Pop Fans According To An International Survey

The Korea Tourism Organization surveyed over 12,000 people across Asia, America, Oceania, and more.

Despite what the stereotypes may say, K-Pop is for people for all genders. Of course, what attracts one gender doesn’t necessarily attract another. In 2019, the government’s Korea Tourism Organization surveyed over 12,000 international K-Pop fans from all over the world, asking participants what drew them to their favorite K-Pop stars. Everyone has different priorities, but the most interesting part of the results is what they reveal about men versus women.

According to the survey, the number one reason male fans got hooked on their favorite artists is that their songs are highly addictive. Repetitive lyrics, bold hooks, and earworm melodies all play into why 21.6% of these men love K-Pop.

Some of the groups known for their high popularity with male fans include BIGBANG and TWICE, responsible for incredibly catchy songs like “Bang Bang Bang” and “Cheer Up”.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the survey revealed that the second most common reason men stan K-Pop is looks. 12.1% of male fans who participated said their favorite idols’ visuals and cool styles are the main thing that drew them in.

Women, on the other hand, have somewhat different preferences. The government survey showed that outstanding performances are the most common reason female fans love their favorite K-Pop acts. 18.8% of women who like K-Pop are looking for energetic performances with fun, intricate, and engaging choreography.

Groups with high percentages of female fans, such as Red Velvet and SEVENTEEN, often show off performance-oriented releases like “Naughty” and “Left & Right”.

After performances, the second most common reason female fans love K-Pop is the addictive songs. 13.6% of women chose this as their main factor in being a K-Pop stan, showing one similarity between the two genders.

The survey also showed the factors that were least important to both genders. For male K-Pop fans, just 3.1% of listeners were attracted by unique concepts. That may explain why Red Velvet, known for distinct concept changes, has fewer male fans than other girl groups.

As for female K-Pop fans, only 8.7% of women chose great vocals as the reason they got into the genre. One theory behind this is that amazing singing isn’t unique to K-Pop and can be found on every international fans’ local music scene.

Source: Korea Tourism Organization, Feature Image (1) and Feature Image (2)